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Getting Involved

How can I become a committer

The most important thing to become a committer of camel-extra is to get involved into the project. Once you have shown that you provide regular contributions to the project, the project team will decide to grant you Karma to commit on your own to the source code. Becoming a committer does not only provide you merits but furthermore comes along with responsibility for the project.

We really appreciate your contributions and are happy to welcome new members that regularly participate in the project.

Becoming a committer steps

Responsibilities of a committer

Decide on release plans and releases

One of the major responsibilities of a committer is to decide when a branch of code is ready for release. Beside the fact, that camel-extra follows the release cycle of ASF Camel, there is also a need of having sufficient product quality since all releases are publicly distributed and serve others when developing great software. Therefore committers have the responsibility for testing new releases before we make it available for everyone.

Applying patches

In order to grow and maintain a healthy community, committers need to discuss, review and apply patches submitted by volunteers. Committers are also responsible for the quality and IP clearance of the code that goes into the repository.

Helping users

Committers should monitor the mailing list for the project they work on and collectively provide timely and useful responses to questions from users.

Monitoring commits and issues

Committers should review commit messages and point out anything that looks funny or that may bring in IP issues. In addition, the monitoring of the issue tracker is also a responsibility of a committer.

Helping out with the website

The website of camel-extra is in constant need of maintenance. Committers on a project are expected to collectively maintain the website and provide sufficient information on documentation.